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About Us

Evolution of Our Organization:

Feed and Clothe My People (FMP) is a charitable organization formed in 1982 by Bev Hogan, Bev Knutson and Reverend Burke Johnson for the purpose of providing sustenance to local residents in need. 

The Sturgeon Bay Moravian Church hosted the first FMP site which was later moved to the old YMCA building on 5th Avenue. Subsequently the YMCA building was razed and two new locations were identified to house the ongoing FMP program. 

The program was initially designed to meet emergency needs only. As the number of residents in need of food and clothing increased, so had the scope of required services. As a result, it was decided that having a single location for the operation was necessary to coordinate activities between the various programs. In addition, the Board of Directors was expanded and the search for a new location commenced to increase operational efficiency and bring all facets of the program under one roof. After an exhaustive search, the Board purchased the old skating rink on 14th Avenue. With a few bequests and donations specifically designated for permanent relocation as down payment, the FMP organization was able to secure a mortgage and the new building opened for business in July of 2000.

As the program continued, the Board recognized that support programs also needed to be expanded to accommodate the increase in services. To facilitate this expansion, our part-time Coordinator's position became full time. In summer of 2004, FMP of Door County joined Second Harvest, now known as Feeding America, which is a national food distribution center that sells food to pantries like ours at far below market prices.

On August 31, 2004, due to a generous donation, the mortgage debt was officially retired. The building now belongs to Feed and Clothe My People. 

Our mission is as strong as ever! Frequently, we review and monitor our internal operations looking for areas where we can become more efficient. A great share of our success depends on donations from those who can assist us financially, as well as through various food and clothing contributions.

We wish to thank all those who have supported FMP in the past and we look forward to meeting and exceeding expectations and keep our founder’s dreams alive and well.

Thank you for your continued support and generosity.

Feeding America



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